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Summer Time Illness and Physicals

The summer time is vacation time for our school aged patients and that reduces the frequency of illness because the kids are not cooped up indoors and most of the infections that they catch are respiratory (colds, flu, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, ear infections, sinus infections, etc.). But illness still occurs often enough and it is almost always caused by Enteroviruses.

Dr. Casey and I wrote one of our first articles together on the topic of Enterovirus infections, published in Contemporary Pediatrics June 2001. The key points of our article I share here with you:

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Getting Ready For Your Summer Physical

Physical season is upon us!  To ensure a proper full examination, we ask that when you bring your child in please have them wear loose fitting pants/shorts. If they are wearing tight pants/shorts we will ask them to change into a gown. Thank you in advance for making the appointment go smoother.

Also, new this year at your child’s physical, we will be handing out a form listing multiple different over-the-counter and nonprescription medications that the school nurse may need permission to administer.  We will sign the bottom of the form, and it will be the parents’ responsibility to cross out any of the listed medications that you would prefer that your child NOT have while at school.  We are hoping this will help both our office and you by cutting down on unnecessary phone calls and trips to the school/office.

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Summer Safety


Like many of us, you may be celebrating the spring blossoms, the warmer weather, and, most importantly, the temporary relief from snow! This time of year many families are preparing for summer camps, swimming pools, and family vacations. Like many parents, you may be wondering about how to keep your children healthy and safe in the context of summer activities in a culture of ever-changing recommendations.

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