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Enterovirus D68

There has been a lot of press recently on Enterovirus D68 causing severe respiratory illness in children.  It seems to present like a normal cold, without a fever, but tends to produce more severe respiratory symptoms and can hit asthmatics particularly hard.  Just like with any other virus, stopping the spread can be tricky and the only solution at this stage is good hand washing.  Most importantly, parents need to know what to watch out for.  Parents should keep an eye out for trouble breathing.  This can show up in different ways for different aged kids.  Babies will eat less (take less bottles) because it will become hard for them to drink a bottle when they are working so hard to breathe.  They will choose breathing over the bottle.  Also, keep an eye out for chest retractions.


Any aged child may also have shortness of breath, faster breathing, bluish appearance of lips, persistent cough, or vomiting after a coughing fit.   And as always, if you suspect your child may be having trouble breathing, make sure to call our office and make an appointment, or bring them in to our walk-in hour MondayFriday, 8am-9am.