Six Ways To Build Your Child’s Concentration 

Blue Eyed Girl Concentratation

As a physician and parent, we see firsthand the problems that occur when children lack concentration skills.  Impulsive behavior, inattention, forgetfulness, and problems learning can all be traced to this very common problem.  Thankfully there are some concrete things you can do as parents to help improve your child’s concentration.

Start with a healthy diet

If processed foods full of sugar, saturated fats, dyes and chemicals had no effect on children’s brain functions, then that would be more surprising than the fact that these chemical concoctions can alter a child’s behavior.  Wean your child off processed foods while offering fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to see a big difference.

Follow set routines

Regular routines can take the guesswork out of how to spend the day.  This leaves less room for distractions and boredom.  If you do not have any routines in place, start by taking a good look at what you can control. Set up your schedule to suit your family’s needs.  It may take some time to set the pattern, but once there is a rhythm to your days, focus will come easier.

Control the remote

Too much time spent in front of electronics of any kind, whether that means television, computers, or game systems, can contribute to a lack of concentration.  Some of this is by default.  When kids spend hours in front of these boxes, they are spending less time interacting with others and being active.

Get active

Even if your child is a hyperactive ball of energy, physical exercise can help with concentration.  Instead of trying to control them into sitting still, let them run and play to help them deal with the energy surge.  Making time to do mental exercise is also important.  Play a board game, or teach your child how to play chess.  If that is not your style, have them help make dinner.

Plan fun into the day

With all you may have to accomplish in a day it can be easy to fall into the all work and no play mode.  But you can help your child’s ability to focus and set a better example when you take some time to plan something fun.  Even if it is simply time to play catch in the backyard or take a bike ride to the playground, looking forward to something in the near future can make it easier to concentrate on the task at hand.

Talk to your child

What looks like a lack of attention could be confusion. A child’s imagination can turn normal situations into something to fear.  Sensitive children can pick up on emotional cues and completely blow feelings out of proportion.  Find out what is going on in their life and, with discretion, let them know why you are sad or out of sorts.

Introduce various activities that will help in improving concentration power in children

If we try to teach our children in a way that is not enjoyed by them all, then there is no use in teaching.  Children like to learn only if they can enjoy it, especially when it comes to learning from parents. A play-way method is an ideal method to improve concentration power in children.  Introduction of board games or memory games for children can help them learn better and with ease.  This way even parents don’t have to make a lot of effort. Many board games like puzzles, Sudoko, or mazes can help children learn a lot and may also improve concentration powers in them.  Even card games help us to improve our children’s concentration.  Memory games like math puzzles, trivia quizzes or even mind puzzle games help improve concentration in kids.

Everything that serves as a distraction should be kept out od sight

When your child sits for his studies and his comic book lays on the same table, then it is obvious that he is going to open it while studying. Hence it’s ideal to remove everything from your child’s study area, to prevent distractions. Anything that can be a reason for distraction for your child when he studies should be kept out of his sight before they sit down for studying. Even parents should not discuss or talk about anything in front of their children while they study as that too can easily take your child’s focus from their studies.

A well balanced diet also helps improve concentration power in children

An unbalanced diet is one of the physical factors that can cause concentration problems in children.  A well balanced diet is known to do wonders on kid’s memory and focus.  A child who eats a well balanced diet is known to score better than a child who survives mostly on junk food.  Inclusion of vegetables, fruits, fish that are rich in omega-3, and whole grain products rich in protein and fiber in a child’s diet can play an important role when it comes to improving memory in children.

A proper and regular routine can help improve concentration power in children

A regular routine where a child sleeps on time, wakes up on time, eats on time, and studies on time is highly beneficial and can help improve concentration power in children.  If a child does not follow such a routine then he will not be able to focus or concentrate on the studies as well as other activities.