Legacy Pediatrics Research goes to South Korea

Incheon Airport - South Korea

Incheon Airport – South Korea. Photo credit

As many of you know, Legacy Pediatrics does clinical research in the area of ear infections in young children. Legacy Pediatrics is the #1 ear infection research site in the United States thanks to our wonderful families who participate in our research, and to the tremendous efforts of the Legacy Pediatrics staff, PAs, nurses and research coordinator. Since 2009, Legacy Pediatrics has published 79 papers on many topics relating to ear infections. Dr. Pichichero and I recently went to an international meeting on ear infections, which is held every 2 years, and presented some of the research from Legacy Pediatrics.

This past week, Dr. Pichichero and I traveled to South Korea to attend an international vaccine conference. We were invited to present some of the findings from our Ear Immunity Study. I presented the research results on the bacteria causing ear infections with data that is current and up to the minute. No one else in the world has this data so the audience was keenly interested in the information. I proudly told the audience that we currently have over 800 children enrolled in the study and we have had over 15,000 visits! The audience couldn’t believe that we have been able to enroll and follow so many young children and I told them that what we do is only possible because of the wonderful families who agree to participate in Legacy Pediatrics research. The bacteria that cause ear infections change over time and it is very important to follow the changes. Legacy Pediatrics provides data to the world, which contributes to the development of guidelines and policies for the treatment of ear infections and other respiratory bacterial infections in children.

Dr. Pichichero presented data generated by Legacy Pediatrics research that no other research site in the world has. The data he presented is very important for the development of a new vaccine for ear infections in children. Dr. Pichichero told the audience that our study kids have their blood drawn in order to study the immune response they make to ear infection bacteria when they are healthy, and, when they have an ear infection. Dr. Pichichero discussed details about the immune responses and how this information is very important for the development of a new vaccine. Many audience members were astonished that we have this information because it is so hard to draw blood in very young children. One questioner asked how we were able to do this. Dr. Pichichero again complimented our amazing families and their willingness to help develop the science that will help other children.

Our trip half way around the world was very successful! We represented Legacy Pediatrics well. Legacy Pediatrics is very unique! We are able to contribute to the health of children not only at Legacy Pediatrics but also around the world. None of it would be possible without the help of many people, and the most important are the kids at Legacy Pediatrics and their families.