Legacy Pediatrics is growing!

It is with great excitement that I announce the arrival of Dr. Dominique Bandari. Dr. Bandari has an international background hailing from Nova Scotia Canada. She attended college at Rice University and she played tennis on the women’s tennis team while taking a very challenging academic course load. Following college, Dr. Bandari received a Masters in Health Science and International Health at Johns Hopkins University and promptly put that degree to work while she worked for the World Health Organization in Warsaw Poland. Dr. Bandari returned to Canada for medical school at the University of Toronto, just across Lake Ontario from Rochester. She did her residency at Georgetown University Hospital and worked in primary care pediatrics in southern Pennsylvania for 3 years following her residency. Dr. Bandari has lived and travelled all over the world and is fluent in 4 languages! We think she is quite a wonderful addition to our team. Legacy Pediatrics is thrilled to welcome Dr. Bandari in January 2022.

Dr. Bandari with her son, Nayan

Fun Facts about Dr. Dominique Bandari:

Fact #1 – She loves to travel!  She has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, is trained to scuba dive, and has also been to over 40 countries!  Many of these adventures have been alongside her husband, Dr. Jathin Bandari – he is a urologist who works at Strong and is also the CMO of a biotechnology company. 

Dr. Bandari’s son, Nayan, age 2

Fact #2 – She has one son named Nayan!  He turned 2 in May.  His name means “The eye” in Hindi, which is funny since he has already needed a procedure for a blocked tear duct, and just got glasses!  He LOVES to be outside, no matter the weather, and has adjusted to daycare life since Dr. Bandari started with us. 

Dr. Dominique Bandari and her husband, Dr. Jathin Bandari in Whistler, Canada

Fact #3 – Dr. Bandari grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada.  She knows Polish (from her parents), learned French in school, and learned Spanish when she was living in Spain before starting college.  She is fluent in all 3 languages, and is happy to take on families who feel more comfortable speaking any of these languages during their appointments.