Emotional/Behavioral Services

As adults and parents, we know and have experienced life’s ups and downs.  Kids are not immune to this as well and sometimes need help dealing with tragedy or emotional or behavioral issues that come up along the way. Here at Legacy Pediatrics, we are lucky to have Kristin Campe, who is a PA and also a social worker, who works with us per diem.  She is our front line with helping parents AND patients through issues that may come up during childhood and adolescence.  This includes evaluation and assessment to assist with identifying treatment needs and establishing appropriate goals for resolution of symptoms. Therapeutic interventions may include individual psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, and/or behavior modification strategies.  Kristin will also assist in navigating the process associated with assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of ADHD.

Please also feel free to visit our Parent Guide and Child Behavior Issues section that discusses a lot of the suggestions we have regarding common behavioral and emotional problems in children.