CPR Refresher


On the night of February 20th, the entire staff of Legacy Pediatrics took a CPR refresher course.  Geordie Kuehler, who is affiliated with the American Heart Association, was kind enough to teach the 3 hour class in our waiting room.  We were updated on adult, child, and infant CPR technique as well as AED usage.

How long has it been since you took a CPR course?  Or maybe you never have?  It’s a great skill to have, especially with children.  Parents who have a pool should also be certified in the case of accidental drowning.  Here are some links to classes in our area:

American Heart Association Classes

**Put in your zip code and choose mile radius.  Click on “view scheduled classes” and put in your preferred date range.  In the next page it will ask you what class you are interested in.  Any of the “Heartsaver” classes are for non medical professionals.  To see a full list of each class and descriptions of what they entail click here.