Covid Update Spring 2023

There are a few Covid updates as we move into Spring and Summer 2023.

  1. The Covid-19 pandemic State of Emergency is being lifted on May 12 th . With that change
    families whose children receive health insurance through Child Health Plus, or any
    “Option” plan will have to establish eligibility and re-enroll in your health insurance
  2. During the state of emergency, the cost of any covid related care was covered and did
    not require a copay. After May 12 th , the cost of any PCR or antigen testing will now be
    submitted to your insurance or if you have a high deductible plan and have not met your
    deductible you will be responsible for the cost.
  3. The FDA and CDC simplified the Covid-19 vaccine schedule. Only the bivalent Covid
    vaccines will be administered for all doses of the vaccine. The bivalent vaccines cover
    both the original and the Omicron strains of Covid-19. Any future Covid booster
    recommendations are not yet known.
  4. We continue to require anyone over 2 years old to wear a mask in the office. There is a
    lot of illness in the community, and we don’t want anyone getting sick because of a visit
    to the office. Thank you for your cooperation with this.