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Holiday Charity Raffle

JLR Diaper Bank

We are back at it again this year with our Holiday charity raffle, partnering with the local charity, Junior League of Rochester Diaper Bank, to help bring diapers to low-income families who can’t afford diapers. We will be collecting diapers in a large bin in our waiting room for people to come and donate diapers (any type – disposable, cloth, opened packs, leftovers), diaper cream, wipes, any type of diaper related item. People who donate will get a raffle ticket which will enter you into one of our raffle drawings.

Raffles prizes include 4 Knighthawk tickets, 2 Bills tickets to the Detroit Lions vs Buffalo home game (12/16), restaurant gift cards (NoshEdiblesBernard’s Grove) Wegmans gift cards, and more!  We have more potential “surprise” prizes that may pop up during the month of December, so stay tuned!!  We will raffle them off in December and announce them on our Facebook page and also contact the winners.  Help us wrap up little babies bottoms this holiday season and win some awesome prizes!!

Rochester Diaper Needs 

Diaper Bank Flyer


The new “it” word is everywhere these days – even causing a special edition of TIME magazine, and for good reason.

We at Legacy Pediatrics have seen a huge need for mindfulness practice in today’s children. Mindfulness/Meditation is an evidence based educational practice. Studies find that youths benefit from learning mindfulness in terms of improved cognitive outcomes, social-emotional skills, and well-being. In turn, such benefits may lead to long-term improvements.  Benefits are shown in:  Attention and focus, grades, emotion regulation, behavior in school, empathy and perspective-taking, social-skills, test anxiety, stress, post-traumatic symptoms, and depression.

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Legacy Pediatrics Family Night


The Rochester Rhinos are offering all Legacy Pediatrics Families, Employees and Friends a $15.00 ticket offer to see the Rochester Rhinos host the Wilmington Hammerheads on Saturday, August 6th at 6:05pm at Rochester Rhinos Stadium. This will be a great opportunity to see the new video board, turf field, enhanced concessions and game day experience at the stadium. We look forward to showcasing the new Rochester Rhinos and hope to see you at the stadium!

When: Saturday, August 6 2016
Time: 6:05PM
Against: Wilmington Hammerheads
Amount: $15.00 Midfield Tickets (Reg. $24!)
Tickets: Purchase Online, Contact Rhinos Office (585) 454-KICK (5425), or mail in this form.

Legacy Pediatrics families will also be eligible for these prizes & activities!

  • Seat upgrade – Win a chance to sit in Field Seats! ($300 – value)
  • Win autographed Rhinos merchandise
  • Post-game autograph session on the field with Rhinos players & coaches
  • Welcoming Crew – All youth can be on the field prior to the game and high five the Rhinos players! Meet outside section 132 between 5:30 – 5:45 p.m.
Rhinos vs Hammerheads

Rhinos vs Hammerheads

Welcome Dr. Alice Taylor

Dr. Alice Taylor in Rochester NYOur Legacy family is absolutely thrilled to announce the addition of Dr. Alice Taylor to our practice. She brings experience and compassion to our existing team at Legacy Pediatrics. She has been the Medical director of the special care nursery at Highland Hospital in Rochester, NY since 2010, and was the recipient of Highland Hospitals Distinguished Physician award in 2012. She has been a Pediatrician in private practice for 16 years.

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Meningitis B Vaccine – A New Vaccine For Teenagers


Photo by NIAID

Photo by NIAID

At Legacy Pediatrics we have started giving the new Meningitis B vaccine to teenagers beginning at age 16 years old. Three doses will be needed to complete the immunization series. The doses are to be given spread out with the second dose about 2 months after the first dose and a third dose at least 6 months after the first dose. This is the same schedule as the HPV vaccine for boys and girls that prevents cervical and vaginal cancer in girls, and anal cancer, some head/neck cancers, and genital warts in both boys and girls.

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American Academy of Pediatrics President Urges Parents to Vaccinate Their Children Against Measles



Here at Legacy Pediatrics, we choose to not allow patients into our practice whose parents refuse vaccination.

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Recurrent Ear Infections and Amoxicillin

Ear Infection

By March the winter season of repeated colds and the flu have caused some children to get several ear infections.  At Legacy, most of our patients are on the NIH study and we find out which bacteria cause the ear infection and then give antibiotics that perfectly match the child’s system to kill the germ.  For the other children not in the study, we use the knowledge gained from those in the study to make the best guess as to the most likely bacterial strain and the most likely best antibiotic.  So we are doing the same as the other pediatricians in Rochester and across the country – but even better because at least we know what bacteria are in our practice population, and what antibiotics are working best for the study children.

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