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The Overprotected Kid

Overprotected Kid

One of the biggest joys of being in pediatrics is having the opportunity to watch children grow up! One of our jobs as pediatric clinicians is to help children and parents navigate the wonderful world of Parenting. One of my favorite phrases is, “Parenting starts at 3. Up to then it is caretaking, which is time consuming but straightforward. After 3 it is parenting which is time consuming and Continue reading

ACL Tears in Young Athletes – How Can We Prevent This?

Every year several of our young athletes at Legacy Pediatrics experience a significant knee injury. A torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) can be devastating to the athlete both physically and emotionally. The numbers of ACL injuries in young athletes, especially in teenage girls, is skyrocketing and a great deal of research is underway both to better understand the problem and to find a solution. A new study may help unlock this problem: increasing strength in supporting muscles and changing the warm up routines of young athletes before practices and games could greatly lower the risk of these athletes experiencing an ACL injury.

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